Public Safety, Financial Institutions, Transportation, Universities, Call Centers, Utilities, Insurance, Quality Assurance, Medical Facilities, Government, Air Traffic Control, and Service Companies
Voice is our primary means of communication. Recording of that information is critical to our everyday operation of business. Systems are designed to have all the information stored and accessible by indexing and enabling a retrieval process that is quick and efficient.
Voice logging systems are known by many names, Communication Recorders, Voice Recorders and Loggers. All record massive amounts of data from telephone and radio lines. I am sure you have heard the greeting "This call is recorded for quality assurance" This is now accepted and almost expected with every business transaction...

Systems are designed to protect all parties from risk. Disputes can be resolved in short order when discussions are replayed for all to hear. Lost or misinterpreted information can lead to speculation as to how events actually transpired or what exactly was said. Why wonder if it was "buy or sell"! Secure a permanent record of all verbal communications and be confident that your information is accurate!

Public Safety/911 is familiar with recording but many new options are available for instant playback, archiving records and reporting options. Incidents can be recreated and critiqued for training.

Quality monitoring/evaluation is a tool for customer service managers to train and evaluate their staff. Employee retention and customer service are important issues for all companies.

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